Harbor Lights Lead Home

by Fortune & Spirits

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released April 19, 2012



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Fortune & Spirits Sayville, New York

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Track Name: Archangel, the Murderer
He faced the mob of 31, Sought to become the criminal
Far from Mother Mexico, He raced to find the 31

The dusk-skinned man, Joaquin Murietta. The peacemaker, the husband
For years, he mined in Monterey, Built a home in the north world
The nationals marched on his home, Slain his brother and soiled his wife
Everyone must bear this act, So friends, it’s time they die

The blonde haired man, the Ranger Love, The speculator, the captain
Killer of the Five Joaquins, California’s failed hero
The people see Joaquin Murietta, Down in Chile, in Dakota
The Five Joaquins are thousands strong, Their hero: The Murderer

The dusk-skinned man, Joaquine Murietta
The Archangel, The Murderer
Track Name: Dead Leaf Dance
Spill that rhythm, get right living
Pour another pint of pumpkin ale
We all know that the dead dance in this tale
Dudes and lasses shake those asses. tell her that you love her
Show this night that we don’t need to sleep

This lovely night in autumn
A lovely night to have a curse with you
We twirl like scarlet dead leaves
We’re naked in this hue

Hey ghosts hey ghosts I know you
Hey ghosts hey ghosts I sense you every year
You all should haunt us tonight
We’ll buy you lots of beer
Track Name: Ascension Day
In the snow, I finalize your memory
Kneeling there among the trees, I doubt you see me
All the things I miss about you... brief I know it is

Alone... this year
Your clock... That's broken 'til it chimes.

Your family, they see me act erratic
At peace with you, they can't conceive -
Couldn't you have visit them too?
I know you're laughing at me, from a cloud
You know you'll see me soon

With you, some year
(I'll bring) your things... and sell them for my trip

And when the angel came to you just to say they're happy
There's no shame; You comfort yourself
Track Name: Corkscrewed Wine
Mary say, that you'll never feign love
Slept then saved, because you're afraid, Mary
That boredom killed your mom and dad

And like a thousand men in a thousand houses
Angry the world has changed
And when a thousand girls on corkscrewed wine read this fable:

Tomorrow's the best day of our lives
Tomorrow's the best day of your life

Thomas say, that you've never feigned support
If you'd been, the white knight you said, then you'd
Learn from seven years alone
It's coming down

Where's your broken wonder? Did she make you whole?
Do we ignore the fractures or match them to our mold?
Track Name: Excerpts From a Book
I frequent pubs from down the road, There's none forbearance known
I've been quoting excerpts from a Book I've never read, and darling, I can't show

That I want, to leave Him. I need, to meet you
My call, my study; the flavor's gone

I heard a story from the hall, of a priest's ignoble fall
He'd been sending love notes to a student in his class
And in a day, he was gone
You loved me, guided me as you could; You gave me peace like He should
But I'll keep quoting excerpts from a Book I've never read Cause it'll do more good

Following the Word, they're the words in your letters
Seminary life, and the writs of my guilt
I’ve always done for me, so I will not leavethe men here I've loved, and the home that I've built

And if you see me from the hall
You found your faith but they you can’t recall…
How I can always love you if we never speak againAnd then we’ll both find God
Track Name: Feels Like Snow
Stay out here with me it might start soon
And the air we breathe it tastes like frost and memories
And the sky above looks like a quilt or tapestry
And from inside - through a window we’ll see a purple twilight
And we can try to guess how much has fallen when we see night

When you’re huddled in a bar with all your friends, on Main Street; on a cold weekend
And someone wants to see you at the end of the week, that’s when you know

Back in ’03 there was a great big storm
And it turned Long Island into tundra soft and quiet
Me, Dan and Russell walked the streets; the moon was vibrant
Back in Junior High I learned to ski
And it was in a time when nothing seemed to go my way
But I had some friends so when I fell I got up ok

When you’re five and it’s the night before the 25th, And you’re at your Aunt’s house
Your family’s who you’re with, In the den with your cousins that’s when you know
Track Name: Rope Walker
The big top gets smaller as I climb up the net
So slack and in-sequential like a quilt above a bed.
The line’s getting thinner like the faces down below
Are yawning at my terror beneath the rising glow.

By the gracious, spinning rope dance
The frightened acrobat with a red umbrella in his hand
Just move your weight and you will survive
Just step bold

My tiny feet which do not grasp the rope
The savior that embraced me as I fell through the floor
Track Name: National Hero
My letter came in later June that taxed me with my service there
The leather boots my sister shined carried me to the platform

Metal binds us there
Train groans for my fortune
I’ll be far from home

Strike the Sousa on her horn:
Exalt the heroes coming home.
Too green to have calcified their wounds
The older brothers will be back soon

My brothers here, trained how to die, costumed in tailored dress greens
My mother kissed me on my neck and waved another’s flag

This wreath binds us there, Train tells me my fortune
I’ll be far from home, But not for very long

Our bid to fate, So long ignored has carried to this long point
But bleary-eyed, the Sergeant smiled: “The peace we need is coming”
Track Name: Ruminations
Three children play in the water, the old people sit arount picnic tables.
They talk. They talk,
A middle aged woman walks by with her kids.he's got tattoos around her ankles.
They walk. They walk.

The radio plays last year's top 40 songs.
The DJ's southern drawl cuts through the static.
The radio plays last year's top 40 songs.
And it goes: “Hey y'all. Hey y'all”

An old man is listening - on a chair- on his porch
He sips a cup of tea - bats away flies - (chokes on his drink)
He coughs. He coughs.

"Those things will kill you" his wife says.
The old man uses his last cigarette to light the next one.
The end. The end.
Track Name: Satellites
Well, you told me in confidence, like it were a conspiracy
That the clock has got you chained down
But you stay up late anyway; defiantly standing your ground
And you examine your coffee - you use it like a shield:
To protect you from the violent blows that come with over-exhaustion
That come with a job you despise. That come with an alarm, like a bad friend
Who, when you need him the most, is never on your side

And we sit around thinking: “With all these years,
With all these protest songs, there's got to be a better way”
But at least we're working for something,
At least some inspiration we scribble on the page
Before our imagination runs dry like the ink in these ballpoint pens
Yeah, and we try to find a metaphor or just write it straight like it is
We just need a fucking outlet; we can't keep it pent up like this
No, we can't keep it pent up like this, because

Sometimes, we get so caught up in the world we can't find our way out of this dirge
Surrounded by gray clouds, we're letting monotony take us down.
But we've just got to try our best to shine bright: Enough to lead us home again
And we can sing out loud, Like drunken sailors shouting proud
We've always got our sea-legs And we're not gonna fall down

And sometimes our diplomas feel like just decoration on some white wall,
And if you don’t got one they say you’re useless.
But don't ever listen to that. No, don't ever fucking listen to that.

Because if you find love for these little things in your life
You're beating most it seems they just work themselves to death
To buy pretty toys they can stuff in their casket
But we've just got to try our best To shine bright: enough to lead us home again
And we can sing out loud, Like drunken sailors shouting proud
We've always got our sea legs , And we’re not gonna fall down
And even if we never find solid ground We’ve got our sea legs
And we’re never, ever, ever gonna fall down
Track Name: Stars Over Sayville
Chart your memories like constellations
Hang them over shores as invitations
See those harbor lights? Follow them and you’ll be fine
You’ll be fine

May the wind and the backbeat carry you home
We were at our best tonight
May these ghosts and these angels guide your way home
Under darkness and old light

[Long lost broke, broke, broken heart]
[You have a place,You have a place in history]
The stars over Sayville watched us grow up
With timeless truth
I hope our mosaic never fades out
reflecting what they knew

Sunrise Highway exits marked in timelines
Spread like synapses in the back of our minds
See those harbor lights? Follow them and you’ll be fine